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There has finally been a step in the right direction in the battle against the PowerBalance company. The three of you who read my blog on a regular basis will no doubt be aware that I hate Powerbalance. I hate them and everything they stand for, I hate the people who make it, I hate the people who promote it and I hate the part of people’s minds that fools them into believing a piece of rubber is having a therapeutic effect on them simply because it was expensive and has a small hologram on it. I am so happy there has been some progress made in getting rid of this stupidity once and for all.

The makers of the Power Balance wristbands have admitted overstating their claims of the product’s therapeutic benefits after the Therapeutic Products Advertising Complaints Resolution Panel (CRP) ordered advertising of the product to be retracted.The CRP found Power Balance Australia to be in breach of the therapeutic goods advertising law.

This excerpt is from The Age website from the 21.11.10:

“The complaints panel found Power Balance should not have published an advertisement for the wristbands on its website which unlawfully made claims … about the body’s ‘electric balance’ and improving ‘synaptic response’, brain function, muscle response, stamina, oxygen uptake, recovery, flexibility and ‘gravitational balance’ ”. The panel said Power Balance ”provided no evidence to support any of the claims … and no indication that such evidence exists”. In response, Power Balance acknowledged it had breached the code. ”Since the time of the complaint, the relevant claims had been removed from the website,” the company said.

Soon after this ruling a “corrective advertisement” appeared on the Powerbalance website, apologizing and offering upset parties a full refund, however between me reading it this morning and me copying it for you to see here this afternoon the bastards removed it! Their honesty only lasted moments, I will continue to attempt to find a copy of their statement but until then, here is the guidelines which they were asked to follow by the CRP when writing their advertising retraction:



Oh Powerbalance, you’re going down.

For those of you who are going to miss your shiny magic bands why not buy one of these adorable Placebo bands?  They’re just as shiny and they’ll do pretty much the same thing.



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